Meet Randy

Lead Writer at EveryMickle.com

Randy used to work from eight-thirty (ish) to five or six or seven or eight or two (and often on weekends) for an extremely profitable publicly traded corporation from which he received a paycheque. He traded all that in for his personal time and the chance to pursue his dreams...or just sleep late if he wants to. He’s fascinated with Finance, Business, and finding & sharing the path of wealth creation as a regular Jamaican from humble beginnings.

Randy invests a lot of his time and money into reading, writing, tweeting, teaching and thinking about a bunch of things including investment strategies. He’s very much into talking about these things also and even more into actually doing them at any and every chance given. He is a staunch believer in autodidactism.

He is not a Financial Advisor. He likes the outdoors and a lot of personal time. He has been accused in the past of spreading happiness. Charges are pending.